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[fanfiction] Fireflies 5/17

Title: Fireflies 5/18
Author: comptine
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Warnings: sex later on
Summary: In Arthur’s closet, tucked away in the back, next to his stash of cigarettes and whiskey, there are two things. One is an album of pictures he wished was empty and the other was of a leather jacket he swore to never keep. usuk/frukAU
Note: Arthur always found the yelling of the Chinese restaurant to be entirely comfortable. He wasn't sure what this said of his own family life.

Chapter 5
As I grow to understand life less and less; I grow to love it more and more. Jules Renard
The tiny Chinese place that Arthur often stopped by is not the traditional of places. No, not with the shiny dragons made of paper on the wall, the lanterns hanging from the ceiling nor the tiny cat with the golden bell around his neck, a paw up in greeting. Indeed, the moment he goes there he always feels like he’s somehow found a portal to Beijing. It was also the inspiration for many of his drawings, indeed many of his sketchbooks filled with the curled clouds of the Oriental designs along with waves and the casual mixture of new and old; the balance of a deep and ancient culture merging with the fast-paced new years.

He pushed by the cloth hanging over the ceiling, peeking inside, smiling. The bar on the opposite side of the room looked right over the busy kitchen while the mismatched tables were only littered with a few people, leaning over their bright and loaded plates attempting to talk over the clatter of the kitchen, the murmur of the TV and the rain outside all while using the chopsticks to feed themselves

Indeed No Forks was very loyal to its name.

Approaching the bar just off the kitchen where two young men were already sitting -one with a large medical textbook in his lap, the other seeming to be where most of the noise was coming from as he complained to the chef working behind the bar who had a wok in one hand, the ladle in his right making reprimanding motions at the wailing and moaning boy.

Arthur plopped down next to the quiet boy. Quiet as the boy was, he did carry a certain presence about him, something in those dark eyes that made him entirely fascinating to watch and sketch. Arthur, despite knowing it was merely a stereotype, had more than a few pages filled with pictures of the young man with a katana, enjoying the curve of the blade and just imagining the dark and deep eyes reflected in the near-pefect metal.

“Hello Kiku,” he said kindly, only receiving a small nod in response, the boy moving the book closer to his face, appearing to sink lower in his hoodie, much like a turtle. Arthur was rather pleased; a nod meant that the quiet boy had actually acknowledged him, quite a step forward from the usual stony silence he received. He was rather reminded of Natalia at times but Kiku had yet to wield a knife at him so the young Japanese man was still in his good books.

Turning his attention to the still bickering couple on the other side of Kiku, Arthur waited for the chef to take a breath before quickly interjecting a ‘The usually please Yao’. The slightly-feminine man behind the counter immediately started to pull ingredients from the bowls and cases around him, throwing them into the wok without even watching and finally, Arthur was able to catch up with the argument as it shifted into English.

“But Aniki,” the second oldest member of the Yao brood, Yong Soo, complained, “I need Mei’s hour so I can watch the newest episode of ‘Once Upon a Time in Saengchori’!” Arthur only knew what this was from the sheer amount of time he spent in this restaurant. One time he had accidentally sat down next to Yong Soo and asked what the young man had been watching on the telly.

For an hour, Arthur had learnt the entire plot of the one series while also receiving his first formal introduction to Korean Dramas (or KDramas as Yong Soo seemed to refer to them as) and numerous recommendations all with names he couldn’t even follow because the Korean just talked too-damned-fast. Though this had spawned many a strange picture in his sketchbook after he had tried to watch one of the series, ending up just sketching the enthusiastic young man, attempting to tame that excitement onto a page. It was nearly impossible as the drawing always seemed to want to jump right off and run away.

From then on, Arthur was sure to keep his mouth, especially when it came to the boy’s daytime soaps. But Yao wasn’t about to let the boy do whatever he wanted, opening his mouth to retorts as the door to the small restaurant opened, letting the sound of rain disrupt the calm conversation of the customers for a moment, and another member of the family walked in, red raincoat shining from the rain outside and the light that shone down on him.

He moved close to the kitchen, stopping right at the hip-high divider to the back sliding off his jacket and shaking his dark hair free of rain and handing over the money from his deliveries, not saying a word as he hung the coat up before taking a seat on Arthur’s other side. Which left him between two very quiet people as he swallowed lightly, looking to his left, smiling lightly at the new arrival. Wang "Maddox" (which was an Arthur-only nickname for the boy) Zhi blinked over at Arthur and gave a curt nod.

"Deliveries?" Arthur prompted as he watched Yao prepare his food.

A nod.

"Good day? It's rather rainy out."

Another nod along with a fleeting glance before the golden eyes focused on something just past Arthur. The Brit followed his gaze, glancing at Kiku's textbook and then just seeing the edge of another book hidden within the diagrams and definitions of a medical nature. Leaning back in his chair, the next thing Arthur caught was a very detailed image of a woman in lingerie and he quickly sat forward with a small jump as Yao placed the plate of food in front of him. Stuttering out a thank you, his cheeks flushing, Arthur started to eat while on his left, he was almost sure he saw Maddox smile for half-a-second.

At least his embarrassment seemed to be amusing.

The restaurant seemed to slowly start to empty as Arthur found himself only halfway through his plate and entirely full but still eating, not keen on getting a talking-to from Yao about not eating enough. The Chinese man had taken special interest in Arthur ever since Alfred's departure. By special interest, Yao practically knew as much about the situation as Roderich did. A Chinese chef, who did admittedly make some of the best ginger beef Arthur had ever had, knew as much about Arthur as the Brit's Austrian psychologist did.

And Arthur didn't question it for a moment, Yao's motherly habits, while incredibly annoying, still comforting in their very strange way.

"You need to get out more."

Perhaps not that comforting. Arthur looked up from his food, frowning. "Get out more? I'm not even in my flat, I'm out here-"

"In the restaurant you come to nearly every night, aru," the chef said, taking non of Arthur's nonsense, ladle waving at him and cutting off Arthur's sputtered protests, "you need a new restaurant and a new life. You can't just keep coming back here and ordering the exact same thing aru. In fact, I'm never making you the same thing again, you'll just have to order something new."

The Brit blinked. "That's unfair-" And for the second time that night, the door opened and yet another member of Yao's extended family trudged inside.

Mei completed Yao's small family as the youngest and only female. Admittedly, she was tougher than her siblings and tended to keep the other three boys under control if the oldest brother, Yao, was unavailable. Smiling and always happy to offer a tidbit of conversation about the drama of her high-school, Mei was one of the few that Arthur could continue a conversation with. Mostly because she did all the talking, but still, he got a word in once-or-twice. Clearly a conversation.

As Arthur watched them all, he smiled to himself and curled his hands into fists under the table. Much like Katya's family, Arthur found himself sketching the five together rather often, Yao always trying to tame the other four. It was amazing just how closely knit they all seemed to be and yet how entirely different each one was, the Chinese man with his mothering, Kiku with his quiet reading (and apparently perversion), Yong Soo, always so loud and alive, Mei with her demure and sweetness while Maddox always just watched, rather content with those stunning golden eyes.

Somehow, Arthur felt entire at home with the people and like a guest.

For now, something else seemed to be stirring. Mei was talking and it was apparently important enough for Yong Soo to pull his eyes away from the two actors on the television to focus on the girl, jaw dropping slightly. Arthur tuned it, just catching a bit of her words. "-he's totally hot too! I mean he's so sweet and tall and he's got a great body and makes the best Danishes! Isn't that funny? He's Danish and he makes great Danishes!"

The four men were silent and Arthur watched curiously, fork resting in his food as the grill near Yao sizzled and the rain outside splattered against the window.

Yao was the first to react, nearly throwing himself over the bar and upending Kiku's textbook, causing the manga Love Hina to fall out onto the floor, and throwing his arms around Mei, dissolving to Chinese-English and perhaps some other language. From what Arthur gathered, it was something along the lines of "oh god not the scary Dane who runs the drycleaners- my Mei-Mei, corrupted already by the blond Nords. I'm going to cut his dick off that bastard, stealing my little Mei-"

Arthur had to laugh as Kiku quietly leaned over, cheeks flushed as he picked up his fallen manga, tucking it away while Yong Soo had also thrown himself into the embrace on top of Yao, snuggling against him and appearing entirely unconcerned about his half-sister and more just enjoying being so close to his 'aniki'.

"I won't allow it-" Yao said, screeching a little when he felt Yong Soo on his back, trying to fight him off while still clinging to Mei. It was an interesting fight to watch as Yao attempted to fight off the Korean with the backs of his knees. "You can't date a Dane!"

Mei rolled her eyes and tried to fight away from her overbearing brother while Arthur watched as Kiku somehow disappeared from his chair and ended up sandwiched between Yong Soon and Yao, stuttering his replies while Yong Soo merely seemed pleased by the surprise family hug, trying to cajole Maddox into joining. And the younger man seemed to relent, standing up and starting towards the pile of tears, a squirming Mei, a near-unconscious-from-the-closeness Kiku and a still entirely-pleased-with-himself Korean.

Leaving a small note on the counter, Arthur quickly pulled on his jacket and managed away from the family before he got sucked into the hug. But part of him dearly wished to stay and to be in that small bubble. To care about Mei's dating endeavors, the watch more strange television and to find out exactly what Love Hina was.

But that wasn't his family. He already had one. One that had been with Alfred.

This thought filling his head as he opened the door, Arthur barely noticed as he bumped into a brunet as he tried to walk out. He looked up, muttering a small apology and receiving a smile in return (one nearly as bright as Alfred's) and continued outside, thinking for a moment that perhaps he recognised the brunet. But surely not and Arthur found himself much too bothered with getting home before it really started to pour than to give more than a thought to the passing man.

Author's Note

Haha- guess who's totally back for reals this time guys? Everyone kept commenting and talking about my fanfiction all in this last week and with a hiatus at my usual rp comm (lolocracy ) I found myself with a lot of pent up creative juices and HERE I AM~!

This was one of the filler chapters which is not the best one to pick up on but I don't care~! It needs to be done and I promise the next one will have more action and not derping about with no real plot in mind (though this may come in later. I'M NOT TOO SURE MYSELF). and maybe next chapter will have more prussia.

UNTIL THEN... /flies off.

Chapter 1|Chapter 2|Chapter 3|Chapter 4
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